Watch it! you have a replica at home …

never frownHow often you hear your neighbor or a colleague complaining about a kid’s tantrum or anger? Very often these days yeah ? Ever wondered why this is turning to be a trend that kids are growing in-tolerant and impatient towards small to smallest disagreements around ?

Anger is not a bad habit !! it is an emotion just like love or affection. Then why we complain about anger so much … Think of it, probably it is because we too are equally growing impatient towards the changes in children. After so many years’ life and experiencing number of difficult situations where we HAD to manage our anger, if we can deliberately express our feelings towards children, then do we have a right to complain on the child’s anger .. No, we don’t. Here is why we don’t ..

Children between 7-15 are exactly in the process of simulation. This is where we usually feed them more and more in terms of how, who, why,where etc .. Be it in terms of academics  or in terms of changed set of rules at home. With these changes if the child is confused and frustrated, how will he exhibit that? did we teach him that before.. No, we didn’t. Then he has to find a way to vent that frustration out just to feel better and let you know of his frustration. This is when ANGER comes into picture.

Sadly, though we faced so many instances where we had to manage anger, at that neck point of time, we throw all our anger  on children … Screaming, Yelling , saying ” this is not the right behavior” Oh, really ? think of it !!!

We all are forgetting … when kids at this age are getting angry,  it’s their INABILITY to express their disagreement. It’s not their dislike towards you, but it’s the vent through which they are letting you know that they need help!!! If we start teaching them how to express disagreement EVERY TIME they are taking help of anger, soon they will understand which is the right way.

If you don’t do that … remember, you have a replica of you at home !!!


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