If you have no reason to dance, then…sing!!!


Yes … that’s right. There are more and more number of things which can be done to improvise ourselves as an individual. Probably MORE than the EXCUSES we have to sit idle.  Irony is that, few of these ideas are not known to us as the easy ones, few of them are such that we know but we won’t consider. Language building skills is a brilliant idea falls in the first lot. One will be pleasantly surprised once they know how easy that is. As someone rightly said “any difficult language will need to start with only single letter”.

It is the best gift you can give your kid if you get them acquainted with as many languages as you can. It’s an absolute cake-walk for children to pick up new languages at that tender age.

Here are few tips…

Make sense: Do not IMPOSE any word on kid. This can happen only when YOU learn it first and ensure that what is being taught is making sense. When I was a kid, no one at home understood my maths exercises but all that they wanted is that I MUST score well. No wonder, it never made sense to me.

Make fun of it: No harm!! Make funny things out of words. It could be small small recitals, rhyming words or anything that sounds funny. Remember, this way you are making it unforgettable for your child.

Do not make fun of child: It always happens that when child learns something new and repeats, it sounds ultra cute and funny at times. DO NOT make it obvious. It gives wrong hints to the child and eventually they stop learning it with a fear of being made fun of. They do not know that you are enjoying when they talk.

Follow child, carefully: children are those little angels who are in their own world all the time. So it takes a lot of time even for mother to understand them. Especially when it is about learning new things, it needs a lot of observation and following. So when your child is explaining something try to relate to the new language he or she learnt… This way you will be able to read their mind very quickly and your child will be more confident that she is not mis-understood therefore she is right.

All that I am saying is if you have no reason to dance, then, sing but don’t sit idle. You have nothing to do and that itself should be the most significant reason for you to learn something NEW!!! renew yourself as new YOU!!


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