imagesHow do you rate yourself when it is about being bold and fearing to as less things as possible ? if your are close to 1 ( 1 being the best), trust me you are one the luckiest lot on the earth. There are many many fear factors which are causing the phobias and panic disorders that are categorized as a part of mental disorders. These are categorized under  anxiety disorders which can turn dangerous if not addressed in the right moment !

Fear is not phobia .. There is a thin line. We all fear many things in life. However, if fear of any particular thing is taking over your ability to lead normal life and disturbs the day-to-day routine, that is called phobia. To clearly differentiate, if you are in a forest and if you are scared thinking that a snake may come, that’s fear. But if you live in an apartment in a town and still always keep troubling yourself that a snake may come from some corner suddenly, that’s a phobia.  If you are phobic to something then don’t worry .. Just chill, because today being phobic has become so common that every 1 Canadian  out of 10 is phobic to one or the other thing. 5-12% of Americans have phobia disorders. And to make you feel more easier, I will tell you the number of people .. It makes a solid 6.3 million Adult Americans!!! What do you do when you know you have a particular phobia ?

The most recommended and simplified method of fighting a Phobia is to communicate more about it. the more you talk about it , the less you fear about it. Form communities of people with same disorder and keep talking about it. People who are already suffering may come up with the best practices. We are all human, with our own imperfections. But what makes us real human, different from all other is the way we struggle and come out of that imperfection.

But what if you are not able to come out of it ? remember, the most strategic efforts can go futile at times. It’s not the effort that failed but probably the strategy or that ONE idea that had failed. So, keep up with your effort part. Probably a better idea this time ?


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