Manners Vs goodness… what do you choose?

CaptureThis is one question that always triggered me when I see people trying extremely hard to impress others. Why? Why do we act?  Why do we constantly try to impress others? Why we project a complete different person as our self, in front of others… Is that correct? Should we or Should not  be a different person to others?

Luckily, I did not have to suffer too long in quest for answers. The power of almighty had given me endless opportunities to realize answers for all these questions. We all have this in built thought process that always confuses us between being well mannered and being a false person. Confusing? Let me explain.

I was in a rush to reach into my office so was walking in hurry. I ran into a person who was walking in front of me and dead slow. I said sorry to this person, haven’t even waited for his say and moved on. Then while taking the stair case, there was this huge person who was behind me, waiting for me to walk fast so that she can bypass. The moment I realised that I am blocking her way, I immediately said “Oh, I am so sorry” and I let her go.  The fact is that I am not at fault in these two instances.

By evening I reached home. When I entered my house, my elder son was standing right at the entrance. So close, that I ended up stamping his feet. I screamed at him asking why he was standing there and just walked in. I was angry, furious that I could have fallen down. Almost 2 hrs post this, I recollected that I stamped my kid’s feet. PRACTICALLY I did hurt him. But the fact that made me feel guilty was, I actually ignored him after stamping his feet and that, must have hurt him MORE.

What is the difference here… If it is only about good manners, then you should be good everywhere!! I have been extremely polite in office because I have been a false person. If it was my good manners then I should have paid the same attention at home as well!

Key here is that, I don’t need to impress anyone! Neither my colleagues in office, nor my kids at home need to know how well-mannered I am. The only thing they need to understand from me is to feel hurt when I hurt someone. This is not so that I will be respected, but so that they too may start practising it.

The key principle of life should be ” We are what we are. For the fear of god, but not for the fear of society”.

Cheers folks !!!


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