The Ability …

Very often I felt very un-realistic, when someone is saying to others ” OMG, how could you bear all that, if I were you I would have given up long before”!! Is it true? Is there any ONE soul on this earth who had to give up on living, just because it could not sustain the circumstances ? NO.

Let’s dig more .. I have a friend who lost her parents and got educated with loads of difficulties. Then got settled in a good job. Married to a good guy and life was pretty much enjoyable. But suddenly this good guy left her for a reason that’s silly to break a happy family, disturbing TWO children.  The Mother SUSTAINED! She agreed to this challenge and decided to move ahead in life with no compromise on self esteem. She could conquer this phase just because god gave her the ability first and then circumstances.

We all have problems in life .. There is nothing big, nothing small. It all depends on our ABILITY. My friend was trained for this phase from the beginning. Be it the phase where she was parent-less, be it the phase where she really had to struggle to complete her education, be it the phase where she was betrayed by OWN family but it all made her as a package. This package is now able to handle the challenges as they come.

So there is nothing called ” If I were you”. Nopes. We can never be someone else.

We are what we are, for a reason. The challenges we go through, the beautiful moments we come across, everything comes to us as a package. If god gives you the same challenge as others, trust me, he gives the same ability as others.

Someone asked me ” After so much happened, why do you still trust in god”. I smiled at them and said, ” After so much happened, I am still alive and so I trust god exists”.

Be thankful to the creator for each day, each hr and each minute because you are a special child of almighty and this each minute is exclusively designed for you !!!


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