A parent and a working woman .. Who wins?

Parent and a working woman
Parenting… is much more than just LEADING.

Today has been one of those few days of complete struggle between a parent and working woman. Not with outside world but with me, myself. It’s obvious that, we can not be indifferent to all the situations and people in life. but the going gets tough when you, as ONE SELF, have too many voices raising from within suggesting different reactions to ONE situation.

I usually get my kid ready to school on time .. by the time his van comes he is ready. I have multiple reasons for this forced discipline.  Most important one is that his school is far off and if I have to drop him, it will be hectic. This is what I think as a person who is contributing and responsible for the financial balance in the family.  But as a mother, there is always another voice screaming from within ” That’s ok if he misses his school van, let him take 5 more mins and eat his breakfast at least!! ”

Today… The mother in me won .. I told my kid that I will drop him, and let him eat leisurely.  why not .. it’s his favorite breakfast today.  When I was dropping him to school ,  I saw that the school gates are slowly closing and watchman is locking it. We ran to the entrance ….

I have two choices now .. one, I beg the watchman and send my kid inside the school or quietly walk back to home along with my child.

The independent, working woman in me started rising slowly .. telling me ” you being a leader at your work place, will you a beg a WATCHMAN ?!!.. huh.. shame…”

But then the mother in me couldn’t let it happen .. This is the best opportunity for a mother to demonstrate the thumb rule of life to the child, that EGO can never come in the way of learning. How could she let it go ?

Finally, Mother won again !! I requested, begged watchman and got the gates opened for my child. Told him, no matter it’s gonna work or not, ATTEMPT always matters. I am sure , tomorrow he will not hesitate to request anyone for a right thing.


3 thoughts on “A parent and a working woman .. Who wins?

  1. Very well written .. A good one again Ana !!!

    I always wait for an update about your new posts.. pls Keep writing more often.

  2. Good write up Ananya.. We all come across few things in life but never pen down..It happens only when you have hunger for observing and adopting required changes from the surroundings. Keep it going !!

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