My Cheese Sandwich…

This Monday I had to go to the corp office to discuss a project that I am leading … Yes , on a Monday,  you see.

I began the day in rush.. Quickly sent kids to school (imagine how they would feel,  to go to school on a Monday.. I could totally empathize, ONLY for this Monday)

As day progressed to around 10ish ,  I suddenly realized I had just milk and cornflakes some 3 hrs before .. Ouch,  suddenly my tummy started growling !!! I continued booking my cab,  ignoring the weird hunger protest that is raising from within.

I have a maid who is extremely understanding ( If nothing else, she understands my hunger pretty well).  She suddenly showed up with a yummmmmy sandwich!  It’s just out of the world type. A steamy, cheesy, perfectly grilled sandwich!! something that I can take a bullet for :))))

I was about to take the first bite ,  phone rang … It’s the cab driver who almost threatened me, politely.  ” Mam,  nanu wait madithini ivaga gate alli. muru nimishalli hogi bidithini”  .. Precisely,  I am waiting at your gate,  if you don’t come in three minutes,  I will leave.

Do I have a choice to make?  nah … I left the sandwich . Was about to leave and suddenly my understanding maid appears, with a box ..” Akka, pls eat it on the way to your office” .. That right moment, my mind processed a strong request to god … Please keep her happy and healthy!!

I boarded the cab, we started. I gave 2-3 mins to settle in. I somehow do not prefer to eat while on the move, especially when it is not my car. But then,  I opened the box…. The aroma of fresh veggies, dripping cheese, crunchy grill, I was at the verge of drooling, literally : )

I was about to take the first bite, I suddenly realized the cab is not moving anymore.  I looked up in inquiry. Driver said ” Mam I have an emergency at home so need to go back.  I informed in the office, they are sending another cab,  so mam I will drop you back home”.

I was never sad to let go of anything so bad that I felt in that moment when I was keeping the sandwich down. While I was standing outside my gate and waiting for another cab that the office arranged,  I was thinking .. Why does this happen to me ? why things slip out of my hand at the right moment when I am getting real attachment to them …

As if to answer my questions, my phone rings again .. it’s a call from the cab’s office saying another cab is on the way ,  it may take another 20 mins.

I found no point in waiting so went upstairs into my flat.  sunk into the sofa , switched on TV.. There was my mosst fav ” agar tum saath ho” from Tamasha.  I slowly opened my box.  There it is !!!! The cheesy,  still warm,  veggie sandwich !!!  I finally started eating … Enjoying each bite of the sandwich and each bit of that moment. Shreya Ghoshal’s honey quoted voice singing ” bin bole baathein tum se karun,  agar tum sath ho” , the cheese slowly melting,  what a moment !!

When I finished eating my cheese sandwich I understood one thing… There is a course of time that we all have to go through.  Finally we all get what we truly deserve but little timing issue will always exist.  In past, I sat and brood over many things I lost.. I cried over few people whom I had to let go of,  though I loved them crazily.  But it is momentary… Later I realized,  it’s all for good. Not necessary that you always know why certain things happen, there comes a point in life when you appreciate why they happened.


When few things happen,  they are absolutely worth waiting 🙂

Happy reading ,  cheeeee(r)se  🙂



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