My Cheese Sandwich…

This Monday I had to go to the corp office to discuss a project that I am leading … Yes , on a Monday,  you see.

I began the day in rush.. Quickly sent kids to school (imagine how they would feel,  to go to school on a Monday.. I could totally empathize, ONLY for this Monday)

As day progressed to around 10ish ,  I suddenly realized I had just milk and cornflakes some 3 hrs before .. Ouch,  suddenly my tummy started growling !!! I continued booking my cab,  ignoring the weird hunger protest that is raising from within.

I have a maid who is extremely understanding ( If nothing else, she understands my hunger pretty well).  She suddenly showed up with a yummmmmy sandwich!  It’s just out of the world type. A steamy, cheesy, perfectly grilled sandwich!! something that I can take a bullet for :))))

I was about to take the first bite ,  phone rang … It’s the cab driver who almost threatened me, politely.  ” Mam,  nanu wait madithini ivaga gate alli. muru nimishalli hogi bidithini”  .. Precisely,  I am waiting at your gate,  if you don’t come in three minutes,  I will leave.

Do I have a choice to make?  nah … I left the sandwich . Was about to leave and suddenly my understanding maid appears, with a box ..” Akka, pls eat it on the way to your office” .. That right moment, my mind processed a strong request to god … Please keep her happy and healthy!!

I boarded the cab, we started. I gave 2-3 mins to settle in. I somehow do not prefer to eat while on the move, especially when it is not my car. But then,  I opened the box…. The aroma of fresh veggies, dripping cheese, crunchy grill, I was at the verge of drooling, literally : )

I was about to take the first bite, I suddenly realized the cab is not moving anymore.  I looked up in inquiry. Driver said ” Mam I have an emergency at home so need to go back.  I informed in the office, they are sending another cab,  so mam I will drop you back home”.

I was never sad to let go of anything so bad that I felt in that moment when I was keeping the sandwich down. While I was standing outside my gate and waiting for another cab that the office arranged,  I was thinking .. Why does this happen to me ? why things slip out of my hand at the right moment when I am getting real attachment to them …

As if to answer my questions, my phone rings again .. it’s a call from the cab’s office saying another cab is on the way ,  it may take another 20 mins.

I found no point in waiting so went upstairs into my flat.  sunk into the sofa , switched on TV.. There was my mosst fav ” agar tum saath ho” from Tamasha.  I slowly opened my box.  There it is !!!! The cheesy,  still warm,  veggie sandwich !!!  I finally started eating … Enjoying each bite of the sandwich and each bit of that moment. Shreya Ghoshal’s honey quoted voice singing ” bin bole baathein tum se karun,  agar tum sath ho” , the cheese slowly melting,  what a moment !!

When I finished eating my cheese sandwich I understood one thing… There is a course of time that we all have to go through.  Finally we all get what we truly deserve but little timing issue will always exist.  In past, I sat and brood over many things I lost.. I cried over few people whom I had to let go of,  though I loved them crazily.  But it is momentary… Later I realized,  it’s all for good. Not necessary that you always know why certain things happen, there comes a point in life when you appreciate why they happened.


When few things happen,  they are absolutely worth waiting 🙂

Happy reading ,  cheeeee(r)se  🙂



A parent and a working woman .. Who wins?

Parent and a working woman
Parenting… is much more than just LEADING.

Today has been one of those few days of complete struggle between a parent and working woman. Not with outside world but with me, myself. It’s obvious that, we can not be indifferent to all the situations and people in life. but the going gets tough when you, as ONE SELF, have too many voices raising from within suggesting different reactions to ONE situation.

I usually get my kid ready to school on time .. by the time his van comes he is ready. I have multiple reasons for this forced discipline.  Most important one is that his school is far off and if I have to drop him, it will be hectic. This is what I think as a person who is contributing and responsible for the financial balance in the family.  But as a mother, there is always another voice screaming from within ” That’s ok if he misses his school van, let him take 5 more mins and eat his breakfast at least!! ”

Today… The mother in me won .. I told my kid that I will drop him, and let him eat leisurely.  why not .. it’s his favorite breakfast today.  When I was dropping him to school ,  I saw that the school gates are slowly closing and watchman is locking it. We ran to the entrance ….

I have two choices now .. one, I beg the watchman and send my kid inside the school or quietly walk back to home along with my child.

The independent, working woman in me started rising slowly .. telling me ” you being a leader at your work place, will you a beg a WATCHMAN ?!!.. huh.. shame…”

But then the mother in me couldn’t let it happen .. This is the best opportunity for a mother to demonstrate the thumb rule of life to the child, that EGO can never come in the way of learning. How could she let it go ?

Finally, Mother won again !! I requested, begged watchman and got the gates opened for my child. Told him, no matter it’s gonna work or not, ATTEMPT always matters. I am sure , tomorrow he will not hesitate to request anyone for a right thing.

Manners Vs goodness… what do you choose?

CaptureThis is one question that always triggered me when I see people trying extremely hard to impress others. Why? Why do we act?  Why do we constantly try to impress others? Why we project a complete different person as our self, in front of others… Is that correct? Should we or Should not  be a different person to others?

Luckily, I did not have to suffer too long in quest for answers. The power of almighty had given me endless opportunities to realize answers for all these questions. We all have this in built thought process that always confuses us between being well mannered and being a false person. Confusing? Let me explain.

I was in a rush to reach into my office so was walking in hurry. I ran into a person who was walking in front of me and dead slow. I said sorry to this person, haven’t even waited for his say and moved on. Then while taking the stair case, there was this huge person who was behind me, waiting for me to walk fast so that she can bypass. The moment I realised that I am blocking her way, I immediately said “Oh, I am so sorry” and I let her go.  The fact is that I am not at fault in these two instances.

By evening I reached home. When I entered my house, my elder son was standing right at the entrance. So close, that I ended up stamping his feet. I screamed at him asking why he was standing there and just walked in. I was angry, furious that I could have fallen down. Almost 2 hrs post this, I recollected that I stamped my kid’s feet. PRACTICALLY I did hurt him. But the fact that made me feel guilty was, I actually ignored him after stamping his feet and that, must have hurt him MORE.

What is the difference here… If it is only about good manners, then you should be good everywhere!! I have been extremely polite in office because I have been a false person. If it was my good manners then I should have paid the same attention at home as well!

Key here is that, I don’t need to impress anyone! Neither my colleagues in office, nor my kids at home need to know how well-mannered I am. The only thing they need to understand from me is to feel hurt when I hurt someone. This is not so that I will be respected, but so that they too may start practising it.

The key principle of life should be ” We are what we are. For the fear of god, but not for the fear of society”.

Cheers folks !!!