4 DEADly addictions and simple ways to get rid of them

We all are addicts of one or the other thing. The addiction of few is towards cigarettes, few are addicted to drinking, few can’t manage without reading, few are addicted to their own work etc etc.

But what are DEADly addictions? When these addictions become harmful and dangerous to well-being, they turn into DEADly addictions. Truly speaking an addiction to cigarettes is more than DEADly because, it will anyway kill you but the chances are that this may kill even the people around.  yes, Passive smokers are almost equally prone to cancer.

Here are few such addictions and ideas to overcome them.

  • Smoking :  This has been a severe problem which is eating people for generations together. True ! There are people who had become victims of cancer from the same family for 2,3 generations but could not stop smoking. How do you stop it if you are the victim? The best idea is to start e-cigarettes, to begin with. This is an excellent alternative which will release smoke without nicotine. Eventually you will stop smoking. There are millions and billions of people across the world who are following this tip. So, just go ahead.

If you are still not convinced as to why you should stop smoking.. Read on..

According to WHO, there is a smoker getting killed because of his own so called PLEASURE, one every 6.5 second !!!

more than 443,000 Americans are killed because of smoking. Shockingly, 50000 of them are passive smokers!!

2000 people a day are dying in china just because of smoking !!

Nearly 1 in 10 deaths in India a re caused by smoking. This makes a deadly 900,000 people !!

Impact of Alcohol
Impact of Alcohol
  • Alcohol  : Another deadly sin !! One of the most astonishing facts is that over 2.5 million people are dying annually, world wide. where are we heading to ? Out of all the men who die, 6.2% are died due to alcohol and 1.1% women die because of alcohol.

There are to scaring things about these deaths. One is, we are talking about only recorded deaths here. the number could be potentially more than this. Second is, we are only talking about the direct deaths here. The passive deaths could be atleast 30% of the 2.5 million. Passive to drinking ? you think it’s not possible ? think of a family where the man died and the family lost the one and only earning source .. what happens next, the whole family dies of starving?  These are the passive deaths of Alcohol. scary.. yeah ? there is more to it, Alcoholics are tend to get into serious issues like  violence, child neglect and abuse, and absenteeism in the workplace which may cause passive deaths again !!!

So, how do you handle this, if you are a victim of alcohol… The best way is to visit a re-rehabilitation center. if you want to test your tongue before u hit the center, you can try few easy steps which may work.  Read more about drinking deaths. Read more about those families who lost the man of the family or an affectionate mother because of this drinking. Take a route to any village and try to visit the families where whole family is starving because they lost their man, these are high impacting things which can potentially warn you at the first peg itself.  If these are not working, then re-rehabilitation centers are the best.

*** the sad part is that, when we are beginning with Alcohol , we all think it’s ENTERTAINMENT. By the time we realize it’s really not fun, we can’t get out already!!!

Overweight in Children
Overweight in Children
  • Obesity: The darling addiction of all, for many people. Obesity is not a SINGLE problem. It comes with a big package which will find one or the other way to kill a person. Diabetes, Cholesterol, Heart diseases,  cardiovascular diseases .. what else is required to kill a healthy body. Obesity is not a person being made fun of because of the dangling tummy alone!! There are more and more serious issues to it.

Today, thanks to the increased awareness of the significance of health, many people are willing to fight against Obesity. So pick up one of the best diet plans and follow that if you have been one of the victims. Simple work outs and fresh/ balanced diet helps fight obesity most efficiently.

** Try replacing one meal with heavy fruits and vegetables like carrot etc. This is a definite weight reducing tip.

  • Workaholics :   I am one too !!! But thank god, I am at least able to manage not get into a depression or any other imbalance, when I am not working. I have seen tons and tons of people who do not know why they are sitting in front of their computer or laptop. They sit, they sit and they sit for hours. But are they workaholics ? No, definitely not. Workaholics are those who does absolute hard work but without any limitation. people who are unable to replace the hard work with smart work, and therefore slog for hours also come under this category. It’s unbelievable when we hear that one third of Canadians accept that they are workaholics .. but it’s true ! so what if someone is so glued to their work? it’s a problem.. causing hypertension, blood pressure and diabetes etc. Not only that, the increased pressure on you has a very negative passive impact on people around as well.

What do we do to get out of this. Simplest way is to try and find if there are any smart ways to do the same job in less time. But that doesn’t suffice ! When you are left with enough time in hand because of these smart steps do not accept more work, but look for a new hobby. It could be anything.. To begin with, pick up something relating to your work. so that slowly you can adapt more versatile things to do. If you are a software professional, pick up a habit of social networking about few topics of your platform. This will get you in contact with varieties of people and eventually you may start meeting more people and spend quality time with them, instead of just sitting and working.

** If someone is saying ” OMG you work so much !!” DO NOT take it as a compliment.  You never know probably this is high time that you will need to work on some strategy to reduce working hours , in order to avoid being a workaholic.


imagesHow do you rate yourself when it is about being bold and fearing to as less things as possible ? if your are close to 1 ( 1 being the best), trust me you are one the luckiest lot on the earth. There are many many fear factors which are causing the phobias and panic disorders that are categorized as a part of mental disorders. These are categorized under  anxiety disorders which can turn dangerous if not addressed in the right moment !

Fear is not phobia .. There is a thin line. We all fear many things in life. However, if fear of any particular thing is taking over your ability to lead normal life and disturbs the day-to-day routine, that is called phobia. To clearly differentiate, if you are in a forest and if you are scared thinking that a snake may come, that’s fear. But if you live in an apartment in a town and still always keep troubling yourself that a snake may come from some corner suddenly, that’s a phobia.  If you are phobic to something then don’t worry .. Just chill, because today being phobic has become so common that every 1 Canadian  out of 10 is phobic to one or the other thing. 5-12% of Americans have phobia disorders. And to make you feel more easier, I will tell you the number of people .. It makes a solid 6.3 million Adult Americans!!! What do you do when you know you have a particular phobia ?

The most recommended and simplified method of fighting a Phobia is to communicate more about it. the more you talk about it , the less you fear about it. Form communities of people with same disorder and keep talking about it. People who are already suffering may come up with the best practices. We are all human, with our own imperfections. But what makes us real human, different from all other is the way we struggle and come out of that imperfection.

But what if you are not able to come out of it ? remember, the most strategic efforts can go futile at times. It’s not the effort that failed but probably the strategy or that ONE idea that had failed. So, keep up with your effort part. Probably a better idea this time ?

If you have no reason to dance, then…sing!!!


Yes … that’s right. There are more and more number of things which can be done to improvise ourselves as an individual. Probably MORE than the EXCUSES we have to sit idle.  Irony is that, few of these ideas are not known to us as the easy ones, few of them are such that we know but we won’t consider. Language building skills is a brilliant idea falls in the first lot. One will be pleasantly surprised once they know how easy that is. As someone rightly said “any difficult language will need to start with only single letter”.

It is the best gift you can give your kid if you get them acquainted with as many languages as you can. It’s an absolute cake-walk for children to pick up new languages at that tender age.

Here are few tips…

Make sense: Do not IMPOSE any word on kid. This can happen only when YOU learn it first and ensure that what is being taught is making sense. When I was a kid, no one at home understood my maths exercises but all that they wanted is that I MUST score well. No wonder, it never made sense to me.

Make fun of it: No harm!! Make funny things out of words. It could be small small recitals, rhyming words or anything that sounds funny. Remember, this way you are making it unforgettable for your child.

Do not make fun of child: It always happens that when child learns something new and repeats, it sounds ultra cute and funny at times. DO NOT make it obvious. It gives wrong hints to the child and eventually they stop learning it with a fear of being made fun of. They do not know that you are enjoying when they talk.

Follow child, carefully: children are those little angels who are in their own world all the time. So it takes a lot of time even for mother to understand them. Especially when it is about learning new things, it needs a lot of observation and following. So when your child is explaining something try to relate to the new language he or she learnt… This way you will be able to read their mind very quickly and your child will be more confident that she is not mis-understood therefore she is right.

All that I am saying is if you have no reason to dance, then, sing but don’t sit idle. You have nothing to do and that itself should be the most significant reason for you to learn something NEW!!! renew yourself as new YOU!!

Few facts from the Miraculous creation by god.


Ants !! the tiniest creation by god. Ever wondered while creating the life of ant, what kind of measures are taken to make it SPECIAL in it’s own way so that it can survive? An ant can run very very fast. So fast, that if a man to apply the same speed in proportion to his size, he can run like a race horse.

Ants can lift heavy weights. So heavy that, they can manage up to 50 times of their body weight.

Ant’s brain has 10,000 brain cells. So ants are not as quick and intelligent as human. Then how are they given support to arrange for their own food? Ants have 2 stomachs where one holds the food for itself, the other holds the food to be shared with other ants ..

Ants, being so small creatures, demonstrate the highest level of unity and discipline in order to survive against all the other strengthened insects. ” When ants find food, they lay down a chemical trail, called a pheromone, so that other ants can find their way from the nest to the food source.” True !!!

Ants being so tiny, is there any specific purpose behind them ? We always think, we human are the superior .. but no, we are being superior with help of so many tiny and small creatures around .. Here is another fact “For more than 3,000 years, Carpenter ants have been used to close wounds in India, Asia and South America”

The total biomass of all the ants on Earth is roughly equal to the total biomass of all the people on Earth” Shocking ??? But true .. According to the research estimate there are for about 1.5 million ants, per ONE person on earth.

“Soldier ants use their heads to plug the entrances to their nests and keep intruders from gaining access.”  Astonished ?!! This is the fact … There is no life created by almighty and  existing on earth that doesn’t have a support system.

Watch it! you have a replica at home …

never frownHow often you hear your neighbor or a colleague complaining about a kid’s tantrum or anger? Very often these days yeah ? Ever wondered why this is turning to be a trend that kids are growing in-tolerant and impatient towards small to smallest disagreements around ?

Anger is not a bad habit !! it is an emotion just like love or affection. Then why we complain about anger so much … Think of it, probably it is because we too are equally growing impatient towards the changes in children. After so many years’ life and experiencing number of difficult situations where we HAD to manage our anger, if we can deliberately express our feelings towards children, then do we have a right to complain on the child’s anger .. No, we don’t. Here is why we don’t ..

Children between 7-15 are exactly in the process of simulation. This is where we usually feed them more and more in terms of how, who, why,where etc .. Be it in terms of academics  or in terms of changed set of rules at home. With these changes if the child is confused and frustrated, how will he exhibit that? did we teach him that before.. No, we didn’t. Then he has to find a way to vent that frustration out just to feel better and let you know of his frustration. This is when ANGER comes into picture.

Sadly, though we faced so many instances where we had to manage anger, at that neck point of time, we throw all our anger  on children … Screaming, Yelling , saying ” this is not the right behavior” Oh, really ? think of it !!!

We all are forgetting … when kids at this age are getting angry,  it’s their INABILITY to express their disagreement. It’s not their dislike towards you, but it’s the vent through which they are letting you know that they need help!!! If we start teaching them how to express disagreement EVERY TIME they are taking help of anger, soon they will understand which is the right way.

If you don’t do that … remember, you have a replica of you at home !!!